Fight Crab 2

Duke It Out In Fight Crab 2 Hitting Early Access In February

"The ultimate combat sport is born!"

Sometimes you need a good dose of goofy, wacky, out-there ideas in your video games. It’s a chance to take a breath from all the overly severe entries into the fighting, RPG, adventure, and competitive genres.

Well, look no further than Fight Crab 2! It’s touted as the “ultimate combat sport,” judging by the trailer, it might be hard to argue that point.

Developed by Calappa Games and published by PLAYISM, Fight Crab 2 promises “indestructible crabs and armour-clad human gladiators join forces to create the ultimate combat sport, complete with live commentary broadcasting.”

The wacky controls and premise are a setup for a wild time. But it’s not just about jumping on top of a giant crustacean and throwing objects at each other. No, that would be far too easy!

Fight Crab 2 introduces RPG-like elements where you can power up and train your crab and unlock vehicles and weapons. A quick skim through the long list, a few of these caught my eye: tricycle, iron fan, drone, shark, and of course, the oh-so-deadly electric fan!

“Each stage has its own battle-interrupting gimmick — knock enemies into moving trains, strategically dismount crabs during battle to reach hidden areas on foot, and throw level-specific items into reach for an edge in battle.”

Even the first title released in 2020 has some Steam reviews telling some fun and heroing stales like this: “My friend charges at the boss as I charge up my energy for a Kamehameha. He sacrifices himself to keep the boss down so my attack lands. Majin Crustacean has finally been defeated; the ocean is saved.”

Fight Crab 2 is coming to Early Access on February 13, 2024.