FIFA Soccer 14 Review

The next-gen version of FIFA boasts a new engine called “Ignite.” The current gap between the two versions on the previous generation and this one is for now, superficial.

FIFA is the precedent of soccer games and this year is no different. Ultimate Team is there, Online Seasons, Tournaments and more. If you were an early adapter then your progress carries over to the new generation of games.5014

Ignite brings livelier crowds, better replays and better AI response during play. The new hardware helps everything look smoother, crisper and a lot more realistic. With that being said, players still seem lifeless and react and move in robotic ways when celebrating, or subbing on.

With the beefy boost to hardware, FIFA 14 has never looked better; however this applies to replays and the game introductions. When in the moment and playing a match, you can easily forget that you’re playing on next-gen hardware, as it feels just as if you were playing on your PlayStation 3/

Players react better to passes and make much realistic movements thanks to Precision Movement, a feature that recreates dynamic actions of the real-world counterparts. You can see the players shift, cut and plant themselves in much more believable ways, realistic momentum, finally!

A classic match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, I was cutting through the centre until I was caught in a defensive wall that I couldn’t push past – finding myself at a loss, I saw Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo both keeping pace with me, allowing for a cross pass and a rocket shot from Bale. All without an offside call because the AI could finally predict what my play was going to include.

Dribble control feels the best it has ever been and can really help when trying to keep possession of the ball. With dribbling and added precision movements getting through your opponents can be much easier and with added Pure Shot mechanics you can create beautiful plays that feel so damn good.

Having Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Ibrahimovic being able to send a rifling shot to the back of the net is one of he most satisfying things you can accomplish when in the moment.

Continuing from my PS3, I brought over my highly lauded Ultimate Team, and felt the urge to slowly begin putting together an all-star team. Everything carried over from my FIFA 14 copy on PS3, but I’m a bit disappointed that still EA Sports hasn’t given PlayStation followers the Legends edition of Ultimate Team.

5015Skill games are better than last year’s introduction and add so much depth the game. By playing these and aiming for gold on all challenges you are learning the tricks and skills to play better against your opponents. The fundamentals of succeeding in FIFA are in the skill games, and end up making you a far better player in the long run.

While the game looks great and the little tweaks here and there add for a great addition to the yearly franchise, I still think the leap from last year to this year isn’t warranted. With this in mind, these touches to the gameplay do make for a fun induction to the series and can say that FIFA 14 is still an excellent game. I just expected something more from the generation jump.


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