Fennec Studio Reveals Runa, Kickstarter Begins Next Week

Fennec Studio, out of Madrid, Spain, is working on Runa, a new turn-based RPG. It is said to be inspired by classical JRPGs.

Runa is an upcoming project with a Kickstarter campaign that will launch on April 16.

One look at the project, and you can see it is pulling inspiration from the Xenoblade and Persona series. Runa features a turn-based battle system, social links, and a sci-fi story.

The story is set in a world where runas represent the technological advancements of an ancient civilization. These runas are used for various purposes, including domestic use and combat. However, only a few people known as adepts can control them to their full potential and unleash their true powers.

The battle system uses an Elemental Break System with ordered turns and elemental affinities. You control four active party members out of seven members in battle.

There are also romantic elements where you can date characters and build upon your relationships with them. There are more than 15 romance options.

There will also be elemental puzzles with seven elements and 12 elemental skills. You can use them on the overworld and in cities with dungeons designed around the elements.

Runa includes base building and tons of minigames, with the city of Enyth serving as your base. You can recruit certain characters during quests, and your base includes Residences, a Canteen, a Dojo, a Lab, a Farm, a Runa Research Center, and an Antique Shop.

Lastly, Runa features a Weather & Time system, Day and Night cycle, mixed calendar system, elaborate dialogue system with choices, no silent protagonist, elaborate quests, and hand-painted minimaps.