Fellow Traveller Announces 1000xResist

Indie publisher Fellow Traveller has announced a new narrative adventure in 1000xResist, with a launch aiming for both PC and Switch in 2023.

Developed by Sunset Visitor, a new studio based out of Vancouver, the team has been hard at work on 1000xResist.

In an unknown year where the air is unbreathable, you play as a clone, one who worships the last surviving human— the Allmother. Whispers lead you to shatter your faith in what you know, you’ll quickly phase through time and memory to expose a lie one millenia in the making.

“We are a group of creators with experience across dance, theatre, music, film, visual arts, and new media, and 1000xResist is truly a reflection of that diversity,” said Remy Siu, Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Sunset Visitor.

Siu mentions the studio is made up of a majority of Asian-Canadian diaspora and 1000xResist will draw inspiration from the team’s experience as first and second-generation immigrants. To capture your attention, Siu mentions being inspired by Yoko Taro, Red Candle Games, Satoshi Kon, and even the theatre of Robert Wilson.

I’m certainly keeping an eye on this one given that Fellow Traveller has been on an impressive streak the last few years by publishing some incredible games including Genesis Noir and Paradise Killer.