Fear The Wolves

Fear The Wolves Features Battle Royale Gameplay Set In Chernobyl

Fear the Wolves just left early access and now offers a more evolved and polished Battle Royale experience that can be enjoyed either solo, or as duos, as you fight for survival in Chernobyl. Players will have to fight against other players, deadly anomalies, mutated wildlife, and dynamically changing weather, which is voted on by dead players as they spectate. I think this options is remarkable as it will force players to remain in the match and spectate instead of simply quitting because they were eliminated. It may be hard for Fear the Wolves to take the spotlight away from Apex Legends, but it definitely has some interesting elements that are worth having a look at. It is currently on sale for 50% off on Steam for $12.99 and players are also able to enjoy it for free until February 12.