Here Is Our Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is right around the corner – and it is time to consider what you’re going to get him this year. Here’s the thing, there are so many different types of father’s out there, and each one has their own sets of likes and dislikes. We’re putting together a quick gift guide this year of what we think are some excellent gift ideas for any father out there, from drones headphones.

Was your father ever the type to record almost everything you did in your life growing up? From a baby who crawled around to a toddler that created some really impressive forts, your dad filmed it. So with that in mind, why not consider a drone for the father in your life this year?

We’ve played around with the Bebop 2 for a while now – and it is really damn cool! I took my dad to try the Bebop 2 at the park around his house and let him control the drone, having him film us and the neighbourhood. With a very simple learning curve, you’ll have a ton of fun once you grasp what is needed to pilot a drone.

The Bebop 2 is developed by Parrot and comes in a few different flavours. The regular Bebop 2 comes with the drone and is the regular edition which is a perfect starter drone for those interested. It’s simple to put together and simple to pick up and learn, this is my favourite thing about it. It’s easy!

Check it out over at Best Buy – you can order it online!

The second flavour comes included with the Skycontroller and retails for $1199 CDN – this is the best version of the Bebop 2 as it adds an extended Wi-Fi range, a stand for your smartphone or tablet to pilot the and use the camera, and two joysticks to make piloting your drone even easier! The batteries take an hour to charge and will give you a solid half hour of usage.


BB- by Sphero


The next item on our list is The BB-8 by Sphero, we’ve featured it here for the Star Wars fan in your family, but, having a BB-8 in your house will make anyone have a smile on their face. Dads? Check. My father loves the BB-8 and has watched the movie with the newest member of the Star Wars family together, borrowed it to take to work and generally spent a hefty amount of time bonding with BB-8.

BB-8 by Sphero is a very authentic recreation of what we saw in The Force Awakens and can adapt to your voice and commands, there’s also the cool fact it can record and view holographic videos, and can explore its surroundings if you wish to let BB-8 explore. The newest firmware allows BB-8 to dock and watch The Force Awakens with you – and reacting to pivotal scenes in the movie in such a way that make it worth watching multiple times. Battery life is roughly an hour and a ridiculous amount of fun to play with.

You can buy BB-8 here.

Gamez by Aftershokz


We’ve covered these stellar headphones earlier this year and we’re sticking by them months later as a very considerate gift for the father in your life. Aftershokz has a sound product on their hands and their wireless headphones are an ideal solution for those who are looking to get rid of wires for their music listening sessions. I tested my pair at the gym, during a walk, through some public transit and these headphones have held on beautifully. The Bluez 2S and Gamez last six hours on a single charge, provide a good noise cancelling solution and are sweat resistant. Did I mention that these are bone conducting and don’t go in your ears? The music vibrates through your cheekbones creating and allow your ears to be free to hear your surroundings. The price is right for these – you can grab a pair for $99 dollars.

Buy them here.

The Dyson V8 Animal


The Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum is beautiful. What father doesn’t need a vacuum to clean their house? While cleaning is definitely a chore, Dyson’s lineup makes that job a lot less time-consuming with the advances and technology that the have to offer. The Dyson V8 is not only a solid and reliable vacuum, it also looks like something out of the future!

Thanks to the patented Dyson digital motor V8, which is compact but can spin at up to 110,000rpm, the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum boasts powerful fade-free suction. Coupled with a larger battery pack and new battery chemistry, Dyson engineers have doubled the battery life giving the cord-free vacuum up to 40 minutes of run time.


James Dyson:We’ve spent more than a decade and over $500m developing our small and powerful digital motors. Our latest generation motor sits at the heart of the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum. It’s the result of 18 months research and development and 500,000 hours of testing. This motor enables the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner to be powerful and versatile, transforming the way people clean their homes.”

 The Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner doesn’t just clean the floor, but quickly transforms between handheld and full-stand to clean down low, up high and everywhere in-between, and it weighs just 5.7 lbs. Building on 10 years of cord-free technology and motor expertise, Dyson V8 cord-free vacuums offer several key evolutions compared to their predecessors including increased runtime, hygienic dirt ejection, more powerful suction and less noise generated.

More power, for longer

Powered by fade-free lithium-ion batteries, the new Dyson V8 vacuum has six cells with new chemistry that delivers more power and up to twice the run time of its predecessor, lasting up to 40 minutes.

House of Marley



If your dad is still jamming to his youth music (New Girl fans?) you’ll be happy to know that House of Marley has a sale on now at their website! Right now, EVERYTHING on House of Marley is 20% off now through Father’s Day with code DAD20. You would be wise to swoop up something cool for Dad, we’re confident he’ll like the Liberate XLBT headphones, I mean who doesn’t want these bad boys as a gift?

The Liberate XLBT’s are beautiful, they feature such a timeless design too, featuring an eco-friendly design and made from green resources. We’re firm believers of Marley products (we use them daily!) and we’re going to be reviewing these exact headphones soon, so stick around for that, we’re excited to bring to our readers another quality review.

Emancipate yourself from cable slavery with Bluetooth wireless technology. Advanced Bluetooth AAC and APTX encoding allows an even more premium listening experience with compatible devices, backed up by 50mm dynamic moving coil drivers for serious sound. REWIND and leather headband, soft ear cushions, and our signature FSC wood means you can free your mind and your movement with this modern marvel.


These five items are quality products I can stand by – I feel comfortable suggesting them and can say I have had a pleasant experience trying each product out and testing and making sure that these can stand some hits and children. If you’re going to spend money on gifts, these three are fully recommended and will fit any father and their tastes.