Fate/Stay Night Remastered Comes To PC And Switch In 2024

Includes language support ofr English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese

A new way to experience a classic Fate game is coming this year as Publisher Aniplex and developer Type-Moon have announced Fate/Stay Night Remastered, a remastered game based on the Japan PSVita title Fate/stay night Realta Nua is launched on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2024, according to Gematsu.

This is massive news for fans of the series as this is somehow the first official English release of Fate/stay night, a 2004 Japan-only visual novel game that Type-Moon originally developed. That entry is possibly the most popular sub-series in the franchise, which saw adaptations of manga, light novels, anime, and films like one of the most still visually appealing animated movies in my mind, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works; give it a watch if you haven’t. The series has also seen many other entries and spinoffs, including the most recent, Fate/Samurai Remnant, which we reviewed.

The premise of the remastered game centers around teenager Shirou Emiya, who finds himself in the middle of the fifth Holy Grail War, a fight that sees mages and their servants, warriors who are actually heroic figures from history’s past. One night, after staying at school late, Shirou witnesses a  fight go down between two mages and their servants but is quickly attacked as no witnesses are supposed to know anything about the Holy Grail War.

As our hero is hunted, Shirou is unknowingly summoned and saved by Saber, a female knight who wields the sword of legend, Excalibur, as she is based on King Arthur. The two then form a master-and-servant pact as Shirou finds himself even more in the middle of the fifth Holy Grail War. Unlike Fate/stay night‘s adaptations, which for the most part showed off one route from the 2004 game, in Fate/Stay Night Remastered, players will be able to experience all the routes with remastered visuals alongside additional English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese language support.