Fatal Fury City of the Wolves

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Will Be the First Game in the SNK Franchise in 26 Years

The fighters are BACK

The SNK name has been synonymous with 2D fighters for as long as they’ve been around. With franchises like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighterand Tekken all making a resurgence with new games within the last year, it was still a surprise that a Fatal Fury game might be next.

That’s because the newly announced Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves is the first game in the franchise since 1999.

The announcement trailer shows a brief but flashy look at some new systems, including REV.

The REV system can be used from the start of a fight. The key is to use the REV Arts, REV Accel, and REV Blows to balance your REV Meter. SNK says it’s a balancing act, as you must manage the active meter before it overheats.

That’s all we know for now, but it sounds like an exciting mechanic that could balance the scales in battles that might seem one-sided (primarily online).

Fatal Fury Characters New and Old

SNK promises a robust roster of recognizable characters for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, including some from the 1990s and a number of new ones. The roster hasn’t been filled out yet, but we do have some faces and names shown off in the above trailer.

  • Rock Howard
  • Terry Bogard
  • Hotaru Futaba
  • Tizoc
  • Preecha

Preecha is the lone new fighter so far. She’s described as a scientist investigating spirit energy, or ki. She fights to continue and dig deeper into her research.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves is scheduled for release in early 2025.