Farworld Pioneers

Farworld Pioneers Lands On Game Pass Today

A group of developers who once worked at Rimworld and Starbound formed Igloosoft before going on to develop Farworld Pioneers with tinyBuild. Today, the open-world sci-fi sandbox title lands on GamePass and PC.

Landing on an alien planet, your character explores various biomes across several planets while seeking extraterrestrial secrets. According to the developers, you’ll start with scarce resources and work toward building a thriving frontier colony.

“Our experience working in games like Rimworld and Starbound led us to create our own ultimate sandbox experience,” said Rho Watson, Founder and Developer of Igloosoft. “We look forward to watching some of the massive colonies players will create, how they’re going to avoid an untimely doom (or not!), and take over entire planets across the galaxy.”

You’ll be left to harvest materials to build structures and expand your colony into the unknown world further while arming your teeth to stay alive. As you expand your colony, more danger awaits you in the wild as raiders and unknown aliens await your advancement.

Some required survival skills include farming, researching, and a “multitude of tasks needed to terraform a once desolate planet.”

Farworld Pioneers is now on Xbox Series, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam and the Xbox app. A PlayStation 4|5 launch will follow on Thursday, June 14.