Fantasy Life Review – Nintendo 3DS


Level-5 is back in the saddle and bringing along a lovely and addictive adventure to Nintendo’s portable system. It wasn’t until a dozen or so hours into this game did I realize just how much I loved this game or how sorely my system was craving something to play. A game that is touted as an action role-playing game may mistake it for a life simulator like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing. I feel like it plays a bit more like Rune Factory and it couldn’t be more suited.

Fantasy Life begins with an extensive character creation mode that has a sizeable amount to choose from. In fact I spent a bit of time perfecting my character, Ace, in here and was pleased with the results. The game starts out in the city of Castele, in the world of Reveria, where you are going to gain a license to become one of twelve classes. You are tasked with exploring meteorites that are affecting the world in negative ways and ae joined in this quest by a butterfly named Flutter. Yes that is a mouthful.


The job system, or Life classes in Fantasy Life include combat oriented classes like Paladin, Mercenary or Hunter, or something completely different like an Alchemist, Cook or even Tailor! The simpler Life classes like Tailor, Cook or, Blacksmith involve simple mini games to help advance their levels. As you progress though each Life class level, the requirements to the next career level get a bit tougher.


Quests are a completely optional part of Fantasy Life, but, completing quests yields rewards, the shame is that these quests are often redundant and are of the kill X amount of this monster or get Y amount of this item, it can be mind-numbing at times.

Multiplayer thankfully is fun and rewarding. Multiplayer allows you to join up with others to complete activities like fighting monsters, or borrow material to make an item. I didn’t dabble too much into multiplayer but I highly enjoyed what I got my hands on.


The game itself gets so much so right and meshes together with the systems put in place. Fantasy Life’s biggest weakness is its story and only progresses as you finish a set amount of requests from the NPCs. The story takes a backseat to the Life classes, quests and grinding the game wants you to do, and is more of an afterthought. Not to say the story is bad – it’s a light hearted romp and merely is a passenger to the combat, quests and multiplayer aspects.


Fantasy Life borrows from a handful of franchises and puts together the pieces in a way that it works, and is fun. In the end – Fantasy Life does so much so well and has so many things going for it. It’s easy to get lost in quests or combat because the amount of content is fantastic. Time flies you’re having this much fun living that Fantasy Life.



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