League of Legends Fan Expo

Fan Expo League of Legends Stream Drew Tens Of Thousands of Viewers

Two cosplayers toured the show with some cool tech and offers

The tens of thousands of people that came through Fan Expo this year may have noticed a particular duo of famous League of Legends characters roaming the show floor.

Yes there were lots of cosplayers, figures, comics, and collectables from Riot’s massive franchise. But this Trundle and Poppy pairing had a little something extra on them. A team up of BMO NXT LVL, Riot, and AOR FCB Canada; gamers and attendees helped propel a featured stream to 60,000 unique viewers on Twitch.

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On top of the stream’s success, anyone who scanned a QR code imbedded into the cosplay also took home some Riot points in League of Legends and a had chance to head to the world championships in South Korea if they signed up for a BMO Mastercard.

“In partnership with Hacksmith Industries, the costumes were hand-crafted by professional cosplay/costume designers.

When a League of Legends fan spotted the characters at Fan Expo and instinctively took a picture, the costumes’ embedded QR codes automatically unlocked a digital Hextech Chest key and message directing them to BMO’s Fan Expo booth to open a real-life Hextech chest and claim exclusive gaming prizes.”

The stream was a big success on BMO NXT LVL’s page, featuring LL Stylish at the mouse and keyboard. It was ranked second in the global multiplayer board and top spot on the finance page.

Fans have until September 21st to sign up and be approved for a new BMO Mastercard in order to be entered for the chance at the grand prize trip to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship in Seoul, South Korea.