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Fallout 76 Crashes After Three Nukes Simultaneously Launched

A new video is currently circulating the internet that shows end-game content from Fallout 76. See, in the recently released online-only game developed by Bethesda, players are able to assemble nukes.

By collecting fragments of nuclear launch codes, players are able to gather and then decode launch codes and then proceed to launch nukes that go off in real time. Players in the session can eventually explore those radiated areas to earn rare items and face off against mutants. 

Seeing players discover how far they push Bethesda’s game before crashing it is always a blast and worth checking in on periodically. The latest video going around features players setting off three nukes at once before being promptly disconnected from the server due a crash. 

Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update. I really hope Bethesda thought about this during their development where more than one player decides to launch a nuke in the same session. However, in the current state of the game, there are much bigger issues that the studio needs to assess first.