Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is Now A Summer Game

I’ve been excited about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout since it was revealed at E3 last year. It’s been on my radar ever since and I’m a bit saddened by the recent delay.

Devolver Digital and developer Mediatonic took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about the game and also confirmed the early 2020 release was shifted into the summer. We also get a developer diary from them called “Behind the Stumbles Part I: What is Fall Guys?”.

Haley Uyrus spoke about the warm reception the game has had since reveal and dove into this week’s topic at hand. “Our goal was to make Fall Guys the “greatest game show ever” with clear inspirations from Takeshi’s Castle and the lesser-known It’s A Knockout.” Says Uyrus, “Both game shows put their contestants in such unusual and sometimes ridiculous scenarios that any advantages obtained through skill would often be mitigated by the bizarre variables of the obstacle courses and bumbling paths of the other contestants. We want players to feel both like they are totally in control while at the same time accepting that there are forces well beyond their control that could just ruin their well-laid plans.”

We also learn that the Fall Guys design was put into this feeling of in control but also leaving the chance to the game. Their design of stubby arms and legs leads to falls and near misses. and “the Fall Guys are almost set up for failure from the start, though you can’t help but root for their success.”

Read more about the game over at the link, but I’m excited about the launch.