Falcom Says Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure Have Exceeded Sales Expectations In The West

The developer behind the Ys and Trails series, Falcom has revealed it has surpassed its own forecasted financial results in part to the most recent western releases of Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure which exceeded its own internal sales expectations of both games, according to Falcom’s financial results for October 2022 through March 2023.

“Sales of the Ys and Trails series in North America, Europe, and Asia remained strong. In addition, sales of the English versions of Trails from Zero (released in September 2022) and Trails to Azure (released in March 2023) exceeded expectations. As a result, net sales, operating income, ordinary income, and net income for the first half of the current fiscal year exceeded the previously announced figures, respectively,” Falcom said in its financial results, according to NoisyPixel via translation.

If anything this reiterates Western fans want more Trails games from the developer as the two recent releases have been a long time coming. The reason is that both games are a part of the series’ second story arc known as the Crossbell duology and for a long time have been stuck in Japan while only unofficially playable through fan translation.

Until these most recent months anyway this was the first time new and old players alike got to play both games for the very first time in an official capacity. We at Console Creature actually got to review them and our reviewer, Dennis absolutely loved each entry on its own and the more significant impact of both game’s narratives on the world of the Trails series.

Beyond those Trails games, we do have one more Trails game on the horizon called The Legend of HeroesL Trails to Reverie coming to PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch platforms on July 7th. The entry serves as the epilogue to not just the Crossbell Dulogy but the Erobonia arc as well. After that there isn’t that much to look forward to officially, while the series has already released two games in its most recent arc set in the Republic of Calavard, no official western release hasn’t been announced but hopefully, the stellar western sales might push Falcom to make it a reality, especially for this fan’s sake.