Tokyo Xanadu

Trails Developer Nihon Falcom Announces New Tokyo Xanadu Project for Consoles, As Part of Series’ 10th Anniversary Celebrations

A new entry in the Tokyo Xanadu series is coming to unspecified consoles Nihon Falcom has announced as a part of the series’ 10th anniversary celebrations, according to Gematsu. The announcement is revealed in the teaser trailer, which gives fans a slight look at the game’s Kyoto setting; no release date or window has shown, though.

“Set in [the] Japanese city of Kyoto, this new game depicts the story of juveniles who travel around the otherworldly realm known as “Xanadu.” While it shares the same world as Tokyo Xanadu, which is set in the Japanese city of Tokyo, the setting is all-new. It is currently in development as a “completely new title” with all game systems built from the ground up, so please look forward to it,” Falcom said in a translated statement via Gematsu.

For those unaware, Tokyo Xanadu, which was first announced back in December 2014, is one of the more recent series to come out of Falcom; unlike its other series like Trails or Ys, Tokyo Xanadu is an action RPG set in our world in the modern day, which is comparable to the Persona series. In Tokyo, players control teenagers as they find themselves in another world where they can wield powerful weapons and new magic-like abilities as they take on monsters.

Tokyo Xanadu was originally released on the PSVita in 2015 and later came to Sony’s handheld in 2017; Tokyo Xanadu eX+, an enhanced version for PC and PS4, was released worldwide in December 2017. A Nintendo Switch version is set to launch this June.