Extended Trailer For Loop8: Summer of Gods Released

Relationships, combat, and more!

The latest RPG from Marvelous and developer SIEG Games, Loop8: Summer of Gods is on full display in this extended six-minute trailer released today. The coming-of-age story looks to be full of personality and colourful characters and worlds.

The trailer for Loop8: Summer of Gods begins with a look at some fellow students you’ll meet and team up with. You can also spend some time in Ashihara doing some simple tasks in between battles against the evil Kengi.

We also get a good look at the battles and battle system. Playing as Nini, you can attack and team up with the others to take down what looks like some pretty creative and epic creatures. The bright, flashy, and eye-popping style seeps through whether there is melee or ranged attacks or buffs being given to teammates. It should look really nice on a bright Switch screen when it releases next month.

Relationships with other students and people in Ashihara seem to go a long way in Loop8: Summer of Gods. The team also gives us a brief look at what could be a pretty robust system with a large roster of characters.

Loop8: Summer of Gods is set for release on June 6th for the Nintendo Switch.