The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Here’s An Extended Look At The Last Case of Benedict Fox

One of the standout titles from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase was The Last Case of Benedict Fox. A new series from developer Plot Twist and publisher Rogue Games, the Metroidvania is set to launch next year and is shaping up to be a can’t miss title.

The extended gameplay trailer is narrated by Bartłomiej “Bartek” Lesiakowski, Creative Director of Plot Twist as Benedict explores a decrepit mansion within Limbo, the realm of the demons you’ll be facing off against.

Set in 1925 Boston, you play as the titular Benedict Fox who must discover the fate of his family while exploring a dark and eerie world of emotions while also battling yourself due to a demon possessing your body. Between the occult and the demons, you’ll be busy trying to make things right.

Benedict searches for clues while moving between our world and Limbo all while piecing together the mystery of the residents of the mansion. Benedict will also have a demon companion to help keep the Order away, a shadow group stalking Benedict.

The preview also features a look at combat and how The Last Case of Benedict Fox combines the feel of a Metroidvania with a stellar atmosphere of the gothic world the developers are using to tell a story.