Expect To See Lots Of New Titles On PlayStation VR This Year

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With over two million people enjoying PlayStation VR, now is the time for Sony to release new content. Christmas just passed, and eager games are waiting for new and exciting ways to play with their VR sets.

According to Nikkei, Sony is expected to release 150 titles by the end of 2018, tallying the total amount of release to just over 280 titles. I don’t think they mean AAA titles, but an assortment of games from massive studios to indie darlings looking for a home on the PlayStation. Either way, if these claims are true, this is the best time to own the wonderful equipment from Sony.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to play VR titles unless you’ve tried it first hand, Sony’ has not only made the most affordable headset on the market, it made one that appeals to everyone. That’s a tough thing to do these days, so surely, seeing the much-needed boost in content this year will do wonders for the numbers.