Sonic Prime

Expect Lots of Sonic 2020 Updates This Year

New year, new Sonic the Hedgehog game from Sega. The Japanese developer intends to keep us in the loop with consistent updates pertaining to Sonic 2020, a new initiative for this year.

Sonic 2020 Project 01 20 20 001

So what does that mean, you might wonder? Well, according to Gematsu, Sega says we can expect new information each month on the 20th. Today was meant to introduce how the information will be revealed, with some wallpapers available to download. Other than that, it’s more of a waiting game for each month to reveal a bit more about the next game and what to expect.

Also, Sega plans on hosting events throughout the year which are meant to put the focus on Sonic 2020, and lead into 2021, which is the 30th anniversary of the series. Whatever comes, I’m hoping Sega breaks the curse that’s plagued the series since transitioning to 3D.

With a property like Sonic, things can go either way. We had the excellent Sonic Generations, which was followed up with the lacklustre Sonic Forces. It’s hard for the series to be consistent – be it good or bad. It’s always a flip flop and Sonic deserves better from Sega.

This year also introduces us to Sonic through his first major motion picture, with Jim Carrey starring as Dr. Eggman. After the first trailer tore the internet apart with how rough Sonic looked, the movie was delayed so that a redesign of Sonic could be swapped in. It turned out a lot better than the original design.