Dying Light 2

Expect Dying Light 2 News This Week

Techland is planning an event centred around Dying Light 2 this week and by the looks of the package this runner dropped off, it’s coming soon! Earlier this morning, the hashtag #Dying2Know began circulating on social media, which confirms a reveal is coming this Thursday.

We received a package from the developer that had a poster and a blacklight like the one found in Dying Light which makes seeing in the dark easier and keeps zombies at bay. In the package, there was a poster and a note saying:

Hello, survivor!

Remember Harran?

Of course you do. But all that—that was just the beginning… Now The City is our refuge, and it needs your help.

Want to know more?

You will, but you’ll have to hunt. I had to hide the info—this place isn’t safe. Track down the clues and remember, it’s all for your eyes only. This message cannot fall into the wrong hands.

You’re our last chance, survivor!

The event is set to begin on May 27, at 3:00 PM ET and will be hosted on Techland’s Twitch channel.