Exoprimal video game releases

Exoprimal Launches July 14

Capcom announced Exoprimal will launch on July 14, 2023 today during the Capcom Spotlight Livestream. Additionally, it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Described as an online and team-based action series, the world is at war with dinosaurs and it is up to humans to use exosuit technology to stop the dinosaurs from defeating humanity. Each of the exosuits is categorized into different roles ranging from Assault to Tank to Support.


  • Assault
    • Assault exosuits focus on dealing damage to enemies with close, medium, or long-range attacks.
    • Although exact loadouts differ, each assault exosuit is equipped with weapons and abilities tailored to its effective combat range.
    • Use the best weapon for the situation and eradicate whatever stands in your way.
  • Tank
    • Tank exosuits specialize in protecting their allies by drawing enemy attacks and absorbing damage.
    • Whether they’re holding back a massive horde or stopping relentless dinosaur attacks, tank exosuits will form your team’s first line of defense.
  • Support
    • Support exosuits use a variety of abilities to ensure the team’s survival.
    • While the ability to repair allied exosuits is most common, support exosuits are also equipped with a range of buffing and debuffing abilities.
    • Support exosuits use these abilities to improve a team’s combat effectiveness and accomplish objectives even faster.

Additionally, exosuits also use rigs to grant additional abilities to the user. For example, the Zephy suit excels at close-quarter combat but can’t attack from a distance so if you equip the Cannon rig, it can bridge the gap. Or the Roadblock rig with Aid can provide healing and serve as a front line of defence.

If you’re interested, there are some pre-order rewards on Steam.