Exoprimal Announced

Kicking off today’s State of Play was Exoprimal, the game we all thought was Dino Crisis until it wasn’t. There’s even a red-haired woman who looks like Regina but I am remiss.

Set in 2040 with the planet in crisis, a team working for the Aibius Corporation uses its new technology to stop these dinosaurs from appearing out of the portal. With the next-gen AI Leviathan, are able to tell when and where the dinosaur outbreaks will occur. Deploying Exofighters to prevent catastrophe and armed with the latest combat armour, you’ll need to save the world.

The Exosuits are always outnumbered when compared to the dinosaur swarms invading the planet so you’ll need to coordinate and be strategic when battling them. Capcom says Exoprimal is focused around multiplayer co-op, with each Exosuit having a specific role —if this sounds like Anthem, I wouldn’t blame you because it seems inspired by the failed BioWare game.

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“Take the aptly-named Roadblock Exosuit – not only is its massive frame built like a tank, but the Roadblock’s shield can hold off hundreds of raptors to protect their comrades,” reveals Kellen Haney, an associate manager of social media at Capcom. “Every suit is built with team-based gameplay in mind, and each suit has unique abilities and weapons that represent their distinct specializations.”

The game’s main mode is called Dino Survival, pitting teams against countless dinosaurs while attempting to complete missions before rival squads in 5v5 matches. Capcoms says there is a dynamic mix of objectives to keep players on their guard and Exofighters need to stay on their toes as matches move from cargo delivered to last stands against assaults.

This sure sounds like a live-service title but Capcom promises there is a narrative woven in-between all the chaotic action.

Exoprimal launches sometimes in 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.