Exciting Splatoon Updates to Launch Next Week!


Gather your squids, kids!.., or your kids, squids? Either way, Nintendo has announced that, starting August 5th, Splatoon will have two new match making modes: Private and Squad Battles!

With Private Battles, players will be able to create custom matches with other friends, so basically, anything goes! With Squad Battles under Ranked Mode, you’ll be able to choose between joining a Quad Squad, which allows players to battle other three-player or four-player squads, or Twin Squad, where players can team up with another twin squad for a four-on-four battle.

To accompany these exciting additions, Splatoon’s update will include more gear and weapons, as well as 30 player levels. And on top of all this, Nintendo has more updates coming your way this fall!

Stay tuned for more Splatoon details as they drop!