Evotinction Announced For PlayStation 4

As part of PlayStation’s China Hero Project, an initiative for Chinese startup developers gaining a fair chance to enter both the Chinese market and the global market.

With support from major players like Epic Games, Wacom, Unity, and Criware and more, these developers are working with these startups to improve the quality of their games.

So far, we’ve seen two games revealed. The first is called Evotinction and is developed by Spikewave Games. Touted as a third-person stealth game that’s set in the future, there’s some sort of connection between extinction and evolution. Judging by the trailer which looks like it puts focus on stealth and hacking, is currently in development.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Spikewave Games is a passionate game development team founded by four experienced hardcore game developers whose years of close cooperation have forged a shared vision in addition to a highly efficient team.

Evotinction is a third-person stealth game featuring unique hacking mechanics. The developers share an enormous passion for the stealth genre and wish to provide a complex and dynamic stealth experience for players. A variety of hacking skills, environment devices and gadgets provide rich emergent gameplay.

Set in the near future, Evotinction aims to discuss the relationship between evolution and extinction. As technology rapidly develops, its potential threat grows as well. Artificial intelligence, gene editing, and quantum entanglement are just a few emerging technologies that will challenge mankind’s understanding of life and morality. The trend can not be undone, how far will our species go with technology?