Vampire FPS EvilVEvil Announces Release Window and Upcoming Closed Beta

After it was first unveiled a couple of years ago, Toadman Interactive has officially placed a release window on their upcoming Vampiric FPS called EvilVEvil.

The Swedish-based developer says the game is channelling a vampire power fantasy as players will hunt, fire, and feed through a path of destruction in the co-op shooter.

As members of The Order of the Dragon, you must become evil to defeat evil in the world.

The fast-paced and stylized trailer gives us a good glimpse of the gameplay. Parts of it have a similar feel to the Borderlands franchise, but the developers are carving their own path with EvilVEvil.

Artifacts and weapons will be unlocked, allowing you to tailor your loadout and approach.

An exciting twist to the cooperative gameplay is a bit of competition between friends. Players will also be rewarded for being the “most destructive killing machine.” A tally will be made, and you’ll be stacked up against others after the hordes of enemies are taken out.

EvilVEvil is scheduled for release in Q2 2024, and you can sign up for the March 1st closed beta right now. The game will launch with three playable characters, each with their approach to the FPS and blood-sucking combat.

The game is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.