Evil West

Evil West Extended Trailer Gives Us A Look At The Dark Wild West

Flying Wild Hog is back with Evil West, a game that’s not only set in the Wild West but also features a vampire hunter out to clear the darkness out of his neck of the woods. The team behind Shadow Warrior 3 and Trek to Yomi have been hitting a stride of hits lately and looking at the extended gameplay demo out now, it looks like a trend that may continue for the studio.

We originally learned about Evil West back at The Game Awards 2020 when it was revealed as part of the awards show by Geoff Keighley. Now the new IP from Flying Wild Hog is ready to launch this year but not before giving us a pretty good idea of what players can expect in September.

The clip above has a lot going on and includes gameplay featuring pretty intense gunfights, a look at some of the places you’ll visit including an underground cave where you’ll solve puzzles, and more. The variety of weapons has me excited to see how it all plays out and a good Western is always welcome.

Evil West will launch on September 20, 2022.