Everything Ubisoft Announced At E3 This Year

Watch Dogs: Legion

While Watch Dogs: Legion leaked ahead of Ubisoft’s press conference (like clockwork!) the reveal still packed quite a punch. Seeing the game in action is something else entirely and the idea behind it I really do like.

Kicking off the press conference this year was the highly-entertaining trailer for Legion, which takes place after Brexit in London and at a time where the city is full of turmoil. It’s a bit different than previous entries in the series. There is no central protagonist this time, instead, a team of DedSec operatives work together to take back Londontown.

The demo we saw on stage was full of action and features things we’ve come to associate with the series. Namely spying on enemies, engaging them and hacking into places we shouldn’t be. Ian Robshaw, the character we see in the demo can either Surrender or Survive, but if he is downed twice, he dies and is no longer playable. You’ll have to swap to another character.

In the near future, London is facing its downfall: people are being oppressed by an all-seeing surveillance state, a corrupt private military corporation controls the streets, and a powerful crime syndicate is preying on the most vulnerable. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the player’s mission is to build a resistance to fight back against the emergence of an authoritarian regime.

Watch Dogs: Legion is out March 6, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

While no new Assassin’s Creed took the stage at E3 this year, last year’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was in attendance. Ubisoft revealed the new Story Creator Mode, a quest-creation tool that is free for all owners of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s currently in an open-beta and allows you, me, and everyone to build their own quests and stories and share them with players.

You can Mix and Match Quest Objectives: Up to six objectives can be selected like freeing a target or assassinating them or perhaps going to a specified location. The branching dialogues from the main game return, and allow you to craft your own narrative in the game. If that isn’t enough, you can interact with historical figures and use them in your narrative. The last bite is you can define role-play dialogues and chose whether to lie to NPCs or attack them.

To access stories from Story Creator Mode, players must own a copy of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and to create a story of their own, players must have access to a PC since Story Creator Mode is web-based.

Next up: Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece, a learning tool, is set for Fall 2019. Discovery Tour is an educational tool for players to learn about and discover the world of Ancient Greece without the worry of combat and gameplay restraints. It’ll come as a free update to all players who own the game.

Building on the positive reception from the first edition of Discovery Tour that featured ancient Egypt, the second edition keeps fan-favourite features like the stations showcasing the history of ancient landmarks, geography, day-to-day activities of common people and lives of history’s most notable figures. Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece allows visitors to travel throughout twenty-nine regions to over 300 stations with tours of five different themes including philosophy, architecture, daily life, war and myths. It also exhibits new and exciting features that allow players to learn the way they want. Players can easily find what they are looking for while going off the beaten path to explore and discover new opportunities.



During Ubisoft’s E3 keynote, the company announced Epic Crossovers, which features the cast of Adventure Time making their way to Brawlhalla. Included from the television show are characters Finn the Human, Jake the Dog and Princess Bubblegum. Also, there’s a special Adventure Time map and allows players to control a team of two legends simultaneously to defeat another player doing the same. This is all available now, so go get it!

For Honor

A new in-game event is coming to For Honor, which is currently in its third year and second Season. Shadows of the Hitokiri is now live and playable until June 27. The event is set around the recently introduced Hitokiri, a ghostly warrior and introduced a new limited-time game mode called Soul Rush.

As part of the in-game event, the new game mode Soul Rush will show Heroes clashing in Kaidan, a dark village believed haunted by Sakura’s victims. Players are tasked with defeating soldiers to collect their Souls and secure them in the Soul Zones to gain them permanently for their team. Once a team collects 1000 Souls, the enemy team will break, giving players a chance to seal their victory. Winners of this game mode can earn exclusive rewards only available during this event

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

We learned that upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will see a beta later this year. From September 5 – 8, a beta will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC. You can sign up for the beta here.

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ghosts confront foes with the same training and experience that they have. The Wolves, a lethal ex-US military unit gone rogue, have seized the archipelago of Aurora, home of tech powerhouse Skell Technology. The Wolves are now armed with powerful killing machines from Skell’s cutting-edge drone factories. Stranded behind enemy lines and hunted down, players will face an intense military experience as they fight to survive and take down the Wolves and their leader, Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker.

“The team was thrilled to work with Jon Bernthal to bring Cole D. Walker to life,” said Nouredine Abboud, executive producer at Ubisoft Paris. “Walker is a complex villain, and it was important for us to find someone who could bring the necessary level of depth to the character. Jon did a fantastic job, and we can’t wait for players to see him in action!”

Just Dance

The number one music video game franchise of all time is celebrating it’s tenth anniversay with Just Dance 2020. Selling over 67 million units and evolving the formlva over the years helps keep the series relevant.

“For over 10 years now, Just Dance has been an incredible journey for all the people working on the brand at Ubisoft. We’ve seen Just Dance evolving from a casual video game to a worldwide entertainment phenomenon with millions of Just Dancers,” said Marine de la Seiglière, Director of Business & Brand Development at Ubisoft Paris, Lead Studio on Just Dance.

This year features 20 songs and oday we learned of half the playlists.

The first songs revealed at E3 include:

  • God Is a Woman – Ariana Grande
  • Skibidi – Little Big
  • Vodovorot – XS Project
  • Bangarang – Skrillex Ft. Sirah
  • Con Calma – Daddy Yankee Ft. Snow
  • Bad Boy – Riton & Kah-Lo
  • High Hopes – Panic! At The Disco
  • Kill This Love – BLACKPINK
  • Sushi – Merk & Kremont
  • I Like It – Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin
  • Policeman – Eva Simons Ft. Konshens
  • Rain Over Me – Pitbull Ft. Marc Anthony

Gods & Monsters

A new series in development at Ubisoft Quebec by the team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, God & Monsters launches on February 25, 2020. Set in an open-world and using a paint arty style, players weird godlikke abilitites and engage mythical creatures while saving Greece.

In Gods & Monsters players embody Fenyx, a forgotten hero on a quest to restore power to the Greek gods after it was stolen by Typhon, the deadliest creature in Greek mythology. Players will explore the Isle of the Blessed and prove their heroism as they face dangerous mythological creatures, including fearsome Gorgons and Harpies and mighty Cyclopes. Gifted with special powers from the gods of Olympus, players must overcome treacherous dungeons, challenging trials and perform heroic feats on their journey to save the gods.

Marc-Alexis Côté, was on stage explaining their vision and how developing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey left theeir minds always lingering to mythology.

God & Monsters launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia.

Roller Champions

This was decribed as a free-to-play sports game in which players skate, pass, dodge, and score. It’s coming to PC and a demo is available from today, June 10 – June 14.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight


Revealed during today’s Ubisoft E3 keynote, Operation Phantom Sight kicks off the second season of Year 4. Launching June 11, two new Operators join the roster: Nøkk from the Danish Special Forces and Warden, a veteran of the US Secret Service.

How do they play? Well:

  • Nøkk is the new Attacker that can activate the HEL Presence Reduction gadget. Drones, Bulletproof Cameras, Evil Eyes and other observation tools will thus be unable to register Nøkk’s presence as she roams through the map, unseen. Her footsteps will be silenced as she stalks opposing Operators, unheard.
  • Warden, the new Defender, uses the Glance Smart Glasses gadget that can prevent him from being blinded by flash effects, cleanse an existing flash blindness and gain visibility through smoke. As long as he remains stationary, he can quickly turn a disadvantageous situation to his favor by activating his glasses, catching the approaching Attackers off guard

Also, the Kafe map includes revsions and is revamped.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

A game set within the Rainbow Six universe, this is a new game in development by a brand new team at Ubisoft Montreal. Gameplay according to Bio Jade Adam-Granger, Lead Game Designer on Quarantine, is three-player, tactical co-op and launches in early 2020. Quarantine takes place several years into the future of the Rainbow Six universe as operators dace a new mutated aline parasite infecting humans.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Developed by Ubisoft Owlient, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a military mobile RPG based on the lore of Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division and Rainbow Six. For the first time, players will be able to assemble a team of legendary characters from the Tom Clancy’s universe, including Caveira, Sam Fisher, El Sueño, Montagne, Nomad and more.

Players challenge squads in the Arena and engage in PvP activities and join forces in Guild Wars. Elite Squad includes a campaign, with all characters being involved.

The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s first year of post-launch content includes three new episodes full of story-driven missions. We learned more about all three Episodes today with Ubisoft confirming that Episode 1 launches in July, 2019. Agents explore the woodlands outside of Washington DC, and then ending up at the National Zoo, while taking on the Outcasts. Episode 2 introduces the Pentagon next Fall, where The Black Tusks have taken over. In main missions players must fight to solve the ongoing outbreak crisis. Agents have to defend the Pentagon, and its secrets from the Black Tusk. Also, a second 9-player Raid arrives in the Fall. Episode 3 launches in early 2020 and leads players to Coney Island in New York.

Ubisoft Announces Uplay+

Launching September 3, 2019 a new subscription service comes to Windows PC. For $19.99 CAD per month, players gain access to over 100 titles, and includes new releases, back catalog, premium editions and additional content packs.

“The video game industry is constantly shifting, and our players’ needs are evolving. At Ubisoft, we are committed to offering our players the best experience and the opportunity to discover the different worlds we’ve created for them. With Uplay+, we are able to provide more freedom for players by making it even easier to access our extensive catalogue,” said Brenda Panagrossi, vice president of Platform and Product Management.