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Everything Shown During Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase For November 14th, 2023

Even though we’ve had a bevy of game showcases/directs over the many months this year, it’s hard to believe that the last time Nintendo put on an Indie World Game Showcase was back in early April, but yesterday, that streak came to an end because while some of us were watching the new Garfield trailer yesterday, the big ‘N’ announced a new Indie World Showcase for today at 12 p.m. ET.

Believe it or not, the second Indie World Showcase of the year featured 21 minutes of information and a look at upcoming games (spoiler with some available right now) coming to Nintendo Switch. Let’s get into the recap; here are the games shown during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution (Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2024

Kicking off this edition of Nintendo Indie World Showcase is the never-released Shanate Advance, after 20 years the work on the original sequel has been completed with the team of the game coming back to complete the vision. Additionally, this version of the game features a four-player battle mode when it launches on Nintendo Switch next year.

Core Keeper (Switch)

Release Window: Summer 2024

Up next in Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase is Core Keeper, in this game you are an explorer drawn toward a mysterious relic that transports you to an ancient cavern filled with creatures, resources, and trinkets. The game features procedurally generated biomes as you uncover the truth behind the caverns when it launches on Nintendo Switch consoles next year in Summer.

On Your Tail (Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2024

After that is the 3D narrative life simulation game, On Your Tail which puts players in the furry shoes of Detective Diana during her pursuit of the perfect summer vacation. Things don’t get too relaxing as she explores the village of Borgo Marina in this sleuth adventure title developed by Memorable Games and published by Humble Games. On Your Tails is set to launch on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive when it launches next year

Howl (Switch)

Release Date: Available Now (Alongside A Demo)

After that is the turn-based tactical folktale, Howl which takes players back to medieval times while a sinister ‘howling plague’ is ravaging the lands turning people into feral beasts. Players will search for a cure as a deaf heroine, in gameplay you can plan up to six steps ahead as hungry wolfish creatures try to stop you from going on your journey. Howl is the first shadow drop release of this Nintendo Indie World showcase, as you can play the full game or demo right now.

The Star Named EOS (Switch)

Release Window: Spring 2024

After that is the first-person storytelling puzzle adventure game, The Star Named EOS where you play as a young photographer, Dei as players take pictures of a hand-drawn world as you explore a beautiful world in place of your mother when the photography-focused game launches on Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Backpack Hero (Switch)

Release Date: Available Now

Our next game is a roguelike deck builder, Backpack Hero lets players unleash the true power of the backpack the more items you collect and put in your backpack the more powerful your character becomes. In the game, players will control one of five characters with each one holding a unique backpack ability while exploring the game’s dungeon and battling in turn-based battles. Backpack Hero is available now on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Blade Chimera (Switch)

Release Date/Window: Spring 2024

In Blade Chimera takes players to future Osaka in the cyberpunk year of 20xx, in this not-so-bright future, cities are plagued with demons. Your character goes on a deadly assignment one day and things don’t go too well but in light of that, you pick up the Luminous Sword, a demon transformed into a weapon you can use to slay enemies and can go back in times for you to use new path to traverse the world. Chimera Blade is set to launch on Nintendo Switch this spring as a timed console exclusive.

A Highland Song (Switch)

Release Date: December 5th

Run, climb, scramble and spelunk your way across the winding paths of the Scottish Highlands in this narrative platformer from the creators of Heaven’s Vault and 80 Days, A Highland Song. Leading Scottish folk bands are producing the game’s music alongside an adaptive narrative that builds itself around your choices, discover the beauty and danger of the remote wilderness in this highly replayable adventure.

Moonstone Island (Switch)

Release Window: Spring 2024

Up next in the Indie World Showcase is timed console exclusive, Moinstoen Island where players can explore 100 islands in the sky, collect Spirits in card combat, and make a cozy home as you work to become the world’s greatest alchemist in Moonstone Island when it launches on Nintendo Switch this spring.

Death Trick: Double Blind (Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2024 (Demo Available Now)

The next game is the visual novel game, Death Trick: Double Blind where players find themselves in Morgan’s Traveling Circus but shockingly the star magician is nowhere to be seen. The missing magician mystery is played from two different perspectives including an amnesia-stricken detective hired by the circus and a close magician friend of the said magician. The game limits your actions as players use both perspectives to uncover the truth when the game comes to console first when Death Trick: Double Blind launches on Nintendo Switch next year, the game’s demo is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

Outer Wilds Archaeologist Edition (Switch)

Release Date: December 7th

It’s finally time to go on an Outer Wilds adventure on Nintendo Switch, for those that never played you’re a new recruit of the Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space program searching for answers in a strange, constantly evolving solar system. The game utilizes a variety of unique gadgets to probe your surroundings, track down mysterious signals, decipher ancient alien writing, and roast the perfect marshmallow. Outer Wilds Archaeologist Edition will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

Planet of Lana (Switch)

Release Window: Spring 2024

After that, we have an Indie World Showcase sizzle reel of Nintendo Switch releases to get through starting with Planet of Lana, a cinematic puzzle adventure game framed by an epic sci-fi saga that stretches across centuries and galaxies that will launch on Nintendo Switch this spring.

Enjoy the Diner (Switch)

Release Date: Available Now

After that is the quick adventure game Enjoy the Diner, developed by Waku Waku Games now available on Nintendo Switch.

Heavenly Bodies (Switch)

Release Window: February 2024

Up next on the Indie World Showcase, Heavenly Bodies was announced for Nintendo Switch consoles heading to the platform in February 2024.

The Gecko Gods (Switch)

Release Window: Spring 2024

We got another look at the relaxing platformer and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker-inspired game, Gecko Gods on the Indie World Showcase with another look at the game for Nintendo Switch consoles launching this Spring.

Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist (Switch)

Release Date: Available Now

The final shadow drop release of this Nintendo Indie World Showcase is Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist which is now available on Nintendo Switch. In this sequel, players will be in the shoes of a struggling artist as you draw and sell your art while reclaiming your art career and showing the town of Phénix you’re a true artist

Urban Myth Dissolution Center (Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2024

After that Publisher Shueisha Games and developer Hakababunko announced during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase it’s releasing Urban Myth Dissolution Center on Nintendo Switch next year.

Braid Anniversary Edition (Switch)

Release Date: April 30th, 2024

The final game of not just this sizzle reel but this Indie World showcase is the Anniversary edition of Braid heading to Nintendo Switch consoles next year on April 30th. The remastered edition of one of the original indie releases during the Xbox 360 era is set to feature updated graphics, sound, and developer commentary.