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Everything Shown at Devolver Direct

Volvy is back, baby [he was never a thing, to begin with]. And he brought a number of amazing announcements to today’s Devolver Direct.

Baby Steps

Perhaps the most unexpected game to step forward was Baby Steps — a new walking simulator from Ape Out creators Gabe Cuzillo, Maxi Boch and Bennett Foddy. It takes a fair amount of inspiration from Foddy’s Getting Over It as we see 35-year-old shmuck Nate take awkward steps across a landscape that appears to be poking fun at that of Sony’s most famous walking simulators. 

Human Fall Flat 2

Want to do more than walk in a slick onesie? How about going it alone or joining up to eight friends in taking on some physics-based platformer puzzles in No Brakes Games’ Human Fall Flat 2 — the bigger, better and clumsier sequel to the global sensation, packing brand new levels, customizable characters and even wilder physics-based fun. No Brakes Games only gave us a title trailer, but they are teasing new physics, interactions, refined controls, visuals and music. 

The Talos Principle II

Keeping the theme on puzzles, sleeper hit The Talos Principle has received a look at gameplay from this year’s sequel. Croteam promises that this follow-up will deliver more mind-bending puzzles to solve, new puzzle mechanics, a richer storyline, more secrets to uncover and the biggest, weirdest and most futuristic world they’ve ever built. The Talos Principle II is new, but it also promises to feel familiar, which is welcome news.

Wizard with a Gun

If you want to play something, Galvanic has dropped a Steam demo for their sandbox survival adventure Wizard with a Gun. Wake as a wizard on The Shatter — a broken world slowly invaded by chaos. Collect resources as you build a tower to defend against the encroaching chaos. And don’t you worry! There’s a tutorial to get you started, though a lot is still left to mystery and for you to discover.


Are you ready to be in a spray paint and mud puddle later this month? Big Mud is back in Sludge Life 2, with a new demo and a full release on June 27. Bi Mud needs his Mojo back by exploring his recording studio, interacting with idiots, uncovering secrets and photographing cats.

Dave previewed Sludge Life 2 and said, “Sludge Life 2 is just that. It oozes unique style and substance, and that might work for you. I’m mixed about what it’s delivering at this point. I stopped at 58 minutes played, just short of the hour mark. The reason why: now save file will now carry over to the full-release game. A great idea and something that incentivizes me to give the 1.0 release a try.

I liked the game’s chaotic nature a little too much, while the traversal mechanics felt dated. It feels like this is intentional.”

Devolver Direct continues to showcase the best of the games industry, and this year’s show is no slouch. I’m looking forward to seeing Volvy at another show, so Devolver, be sure to keep him around!