Indie World showcase

Everything Revealed During Today’s Indie World Showcase

We are just four months into the year and Nintendo just finished the latest edition of their Indie World Showcase, a spinoff Nintendo Direct presentation that focuses on all the indie games coming to Nintendo Switch this year. We first got word of the live streamed Indie game event yesterday in an announcement from Nintendo itself revealing the Indie World Showcase would be “roughly 20 minutes.”

The first 2023 showcase featured close to 21 titles coming to the hybrid handheld, which included release date updates, first announcements for the platform and shadow drop releases. Now with rigmarole out of way let’s dive into the games which are listed below in chronological order alongside trailers, and most importantly when each game is slated to release.

Mineko’s Night Market (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: September 26th


My Time at Sandrock (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: Summer 2023

PlateUp! (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: October 2023

Quilts and Cats of Calico (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: Fall 2023

Rift of the Necromancer (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2023

A Little to the Left DLC: Cupboards and Drawers (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: June 2023


Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon DLC: Puzzler’s Pack (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date / Window: Spring 2023

Cult of the Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith Update (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: April 24th

Animal Well (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: Early 2024

Crime O’Clock (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: June 30th

Teslagard 2 & Teslagard Remastered (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: Available Now

Shadows Over Loathing (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: Available Now – Digitally (Physical Version Coming in Fall 2023)

Blasphemous II (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: Summer 2023

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: July 12th

Paper Trail (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: August 2023

Little Kitty, Big City (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2024

Chants of Sennaar (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: September 5th

Brotato (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: TBA 2023

Escape Academy: The Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Release Window: Fall 2023

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: Available Now

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (Nintendo Switch)

Release Date: August 18th