Future of Play Direct

Everything Shown at the Future of Play Direct

Glitch’s Future of Play Direct shown before today’s Game Awards was eclectic, somewhat of an acid trip and wildly fast-paced. So I’ll try to slow it down here and run through the news.

Let’ start with the big story first. Future Club shows off Umbrella — a brand new character coming to Skullgirls 2nd Encore and Mobile. The young Madeline with the alien umbrella is in Early Access now! They also showed off a tease of Black Dahlia!

Next, let’s get excited for some local talent! KILLJOY GAMES has graced… or perhaps cursed us with a trailer for Curses — a DC’s Raven-looking witch sim that more seriously focuses on the impacts of abuse as well as fantasies of escape and revenge… and communing with your cat!

Paper Castle Games brought the anime intensity with Wander Stars — a sugar serial, Saturday morning cartoon brawler that looks equal parts wild and wonderful. The game’s steam page proclaims it’s a turn-based RPG with roguelite elements where you make your own attacks by combining words to make your own fighting techniques. Learn new words to collect, combine, and experiment to discover enemy weaknesses, synergies, and strategies that will help you win your battles! We don’t have a release day yet, but I can’t wait to make war with words!

Midautumn from Team Midautumn has been floating like a falling leaf for a while, but any time we see this gloriously 8-bit adventure into the Spirit World, I get a little more excited to go to Grandma’s house! So I’ll take it!

The Pixel Hunt shared a very cryptic trailer for their new game Wreck. The ant-icipation for this one is huge! If it’s anything like indie darling, Bury Me, My Love, which brought heart and grit to the refugee crisis happening at the U.S.-Mexico border. Wreck looks like it’s going to evoke its namesake on my emotions, but I think I’m ready for it!

El Paso Elsewhere appears to be the lovechild of Doom and Max Payne, but it’s going through its rebellious slam poetry phase. The tagline here is to “destroy the villain you loved.” So count me intrigued!