Retailers Are Giving Away Copies Of Fallout 76 With Purchase

GameStop is giving away copies of Fallout 76 as part of a promotion in Europe. Germany, Austria and Switzerland for example, are giving out copies if you buy a used controller for either Xbox One or PlayStation 4. I’m only hoping we see something like this in Canada because I know a few people who would jump on this as soon as it was available.

Oddly enough, it’s not even new controllers that include the game but any old used controller. It’s like they made too many copies of the game and the fallout from a broken game is finally catching up to Bethesda.

That’s not even the craziest bundle for Fallout 76, either. Saturn, an electronics retailer in Germany is so desparate to get rid of surplus copies of the game that they are bundling an extra copy in the Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle. You can’t make this up.