EVERSPACE Colonial Gunship Screenshot 03

EVERSPACE full version now available on PC and Xbox One

EVERSPACE Colonial Gunship Screenshot 03

Today Rockfish Games announced that their rougelike space shooter, EVERSPACE is available for download on Steam, GOG.com, Xbox One and Windows 10 Store.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over 420,252 euros from 10,739 backers; and another 670,000 euros raised on the the official website through crowdfunding, EVERSPACE’s success can’t go without notice. After raising funds for EVERSPACE, the developers had an initial early access and game preview release in September 2016. Since then EVERSPACE’s team has listened to their community and implemented over 500 additional tweaks and fixes.

Rockfish is an indie studio based out of Germany that developed EVERSPACE bringing an action packed adventure through six challenging sectors, with various levels of danger and treasures, to players. At the beginning of the game the hero is found clueless in the cockpit of his craft, after some basic training the ship’s AI clues in the hero to the game’s world and its lore. Throughout the story different encounters that the hero has triggers flashbacks and starts to reveal the mystery behind the hero’s mission. Testing their skills in each new scenario, players will have to use their ability to improvise and their wide range of weapons and items to their full potential. Players will be forced to own their piloting skills as they navigate through debris, seek out many enemies, loot and mine resources to repair their craft when it takes damage.

Rockfish promises to bring more updates and extension to the game throughout the year including features, like joystick support and button remapping. If the game becomes a huge hit maybe we will see this game expand to more consoles, as Rockfish already announced it will release EVERSPACE in Q3 2017 for the PlayStation 4.