Have You Ever Wanted Final Fantasy Wine? Now’s Your Chance

As part of the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary celebrations Square Enix has partnered with ”Ifrit Rouge” and ”Shiva Blanc” to bring you two exclusive wines available exclusively through Winehouse.com. Ifrit Rouge is a 2016 Château des Bois red wine with hints of strawberry and other freshly picked fruits, named after the classic FINAL FANTASY summon associated with fire. Shiva Blanc, taking its name from the legendary ice summon, is a well-balanced 2015 Château des Bois white wine that pairs favorably with a wide range of cuisines. Each bottle features a label and foil adorned with the FINAL FANTASY 30thAnniversary logo as well as a box featuring the art of the summon for which the wine is named.

To find out more about the wine and how to purchase your very own bottles, please visit The Wine House. Obviously you must be legal drinking age to purchase.

Ifrit Rouge Red Wine 

Shiva Blanc White Wine

On top of the wine, Square Enix is also offering the following 30th anniversary merch for sale:

  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plush Chocobo
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plush Moogle
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Mug
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen Set – Chocobo & Moogle
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Postcard Set
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Canvas Tote Bag
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary T-Shirt (Blue)
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary T-Shirt (Gray)

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