[Event Video] Gillette and Stark Industries Join Forces


We are in Boston at Gillette’s world shaving HQ for a special announcement!

As the highly-anticipated premiere of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON approaches, Gillette and Stark Industries have joined together for a first of its kind collaboration. Like Gillette, Stark Industries has a relentless mission to create the most advanced technology, designed to take the world into tomorrow. The result of this shared mission? Four prototype razors, created by Stark Industries, for Gillette based on Avengers-inspired technology.

Introducing –
• Repulsor1 with Exoblade. Its Arc Reactor Technology generates a perpetual energy supply to obliterate face hairs with Uni-beam pulse bolts.
• Gillette XL Gamma with stress-triggered sensors and an unstable molecular structure that can increase up to 700% in razor mass and brute shaving force.
• Gillette Ultra Strike. Rebuilt with Supersoldier Technology has a rare Vibranium-coated Shield Cartridge that shoots out from the handle to cut targeted hairs.
• Gillette Thunder that scorches hairs to the follicle with micro-lightning and an honor based gyro-gravity field to make it borrow-proof.

At Gillette, innovation never stops and the four prototypes featuring Avengers inspired technology proved that. These razors will be tested in the lab and in the bathroom to ensure they live up to Gillette standards. Only then will we allow them to come anywhere near a man’s face **At this time they are not for sale**

Gillette welcomes Stark Industries in its R&D department at World Shaving Headquarters in a style that is truly representative of Stark Industries.


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