EVE Vanguard

EVE Vanguard Gets Its First Content Update and New Playtest

Load up for the next four days

The EVE Online universe is continuing to expand, most recently with the release of EVE Vanguard, a first-person shooter game.

The FPS game is still in its early stages, but today, the first major update has launched and is available for subscribing EVE players. Let’s dig into the new, exciting additions below.


The first is a new mining laser prototype. CCP Games describes the new item in a familiar way: You scan your surroundings and mine for precious resources. It doesn’t sound out of the ordinary, but it does add some depth and content.

Next are the contracts that come along with the mining and an aspect that plays into the larger universe of EVE Online.

With EVE Vanguard you can “contribute to Suppression or Corruption efforts” on New Eden. This in turn, will tip the scales in either direction, influencing what’s happening in the world around you like interstellar conflict and the overarching territorial conflicts.


The latest blog post from CCP Games also provides some more information on quality-of-life improvements, including combat and reward balances, fixes to deployable shields, chat options, and other bug fixes.

If you want to dive in starting today, only Founder’s Access members can experience the new content until March 25th. The paid Founder’s Access is available for all EVE Online accounts with an active Omega subscription.