Dating Action Eternights Launches This September

Studio Sai has announced that its upcoming game Eternights will launch in September by interrupting the Day of the Devs live stream.

Eternights has you braving dungeons filled with monsters and mysteries while working with your companions, who will support you throughout each adventure. When facing enemies, the main objective is to exploit their elemental weaknesses through the correct elemental attacks while also parrying, dodging, and attacking enemies. To keep you busy, there are puzzles and minigames available to help you on your quest to save the world.

However, dungeons aren’t your only challenge in a world where humans turn into monsters. When not exploring dungeons, you can engage with your party and even date them.

Like Persona games, you have to manage your calendar, and you have deadlines to meet and beat dungeons. Will you grow closer to your confidant to deepen your relationship and unlock new skills? Will you scavenge the wasteland for supplies? Will you grow stronger by training with your companions? Or will you ignore all that and go to the dungeon the first chance? It’s up to you, but remember, the clock is ticking.

Eternights will be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC this September.