Eternal Strands

Dragon Age Creator Announces New Game Eternal Strands

Coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC

Mike Laidlaw, the creator of Dragon Age, left BioWare in 2017 to open a new studio, Yellow Brick Games. Today, we look at the studio’s first project in Eternal Strands. The debut trailer showcased battles against massive creatures, using climbing tactics to get up close and personal, along with different magical abilities.

The game’s art style is reminiscent of Immortals Fenyx Rising, featuring a bright, cartoony colour palette. It is a third-person action-adventure title that draws inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Join Brynn, a young and fearless Weaver, in her quest to reclaim her people’s cultural home. With her powerful magical abilities and a wide array of magical weapons, she will face various enemies, ranging from humanoid constructs to towering beasts.

Brynn must use the environment and temperature to her advantage in battles against a diverse roster of fantastical creatures, such as turning a dragon’s fiery breath against ice-covered minions. She can climb every surface and use arcane skills to create new paths. You’ll explore the world to pursue the Enclave’s lost mysteries and challenge giant titans on your journey.

“Our hope with Eternal Strands is to deliver an adventure that brings a sense of fun and excitement to fantasy, while encouraging players to experiment with its systems,” says Mike Laidlaw. “It’s a very different game to ones I’ve worked on in the past, and it’s been a delight to generally answer the question ‘what if the player does X?’ with ‘Cool!’ It’s also exciting to have a chance to build an all-new world that encourages and reacts to this kind of play.”

Eternal Strands boasts a “revolutionary” new system for gameplay, including hot spreads, cold chills, and real-time destruction, allowing for reactivity in combat. You can throw burning tree trunks at enemies, snap them to block incoming attacks, and even rip boulders up from the ground.

Brynn wears the Mantle, a magical cloak channelling raw magic power into various elements. You can also grow your powers with enchanted weapons and armour to create a custom look.

Eternal Strands will be released in the future for the Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC.