Essential Pieces of Tech That Will Enrich Your Life

It’s obvious how powerful technology has become, and how much it affects our lives. We have become reliant on it to help and benefit us. Here is a list of some of the essential pieces of tech that will affect your life.


These days it’s highly unlikely you’re going to have a phone that isn’t a smartphone. They have revolutionised our lives, and the way we can use technology. Whether it’s the newest Samsung Galaxy or the latest iPhone, you need to have a smartphone. Apps have made it possible to do almost anything you could want to do these days. If you don’t have a smartphone, you need to give some serious thought to investing in one.


When it comes to technology, you want to look for style as well as practicality. And one of the most stylish pieces is a Segway. But even trendier these days is a Seg board. These are Segway’s but without the handlebars. Imagine a cross between a regular Segway, a skateboard, and Marty McFly’s hoverboard. Yes, they’re that cool! Think about how stylish and awesome you’re going to be rocking around on one of these things.

Bluetooth Speakers

Picture the scene – you’re in the car, it’s a long journey, and you want to put on some music from your playlist. But your phone only hits a certain volume, and it’s drowned out by the noise of the car. Annoying right? Well, welcome to the solution to this problem. Now you can get hold of Bluetooth speakers that will sync up to your phone. You can blast your tunes at a volume everybody can enjoy, and you’ll enhance your journey in the process.

Electric Razor

All men need to shave at some point. And, sure, there’s no better feeling than a good, old-fashioned wet shave. But, if you want convenience, you need to consider going for an electric razor. These allow you to shave quickly and efficiently without the need for shaving cream. The other benefit of electric razors is that many of the new ones are now waterproof. Think about the benefits of being able to shave in the shower. You’re going to save so much time and effort doing this. If you want to revolutionise your shaving experience you need to go electric.


For all you avid gamers out there, you have the option of your very own gaming headsets. Think about how awesome you’ll look and feel sporting one of these hands-free bad boys. You can use the headset to give your console instructions. But the best part is that it allows you to interact with fellow players. If you and a friend are looking to play together, you can communicate via your headsets. There are plenty of different designs and styles of headsets to choose from. So make sure you pick the one that best suits you.



There are so many excellent ways in which technology can enrich our lives. So you need to make sure you have all the latest and greatest pieces of tech. As you can see from this list, there are plenty of options to choose from. Think about what will make the best addition to your life.  


Bobby has been gaming since he was old enough to walk. Since then, the interest has only grown stronger, and here we are today. Follow Bobby on Twitter, and just go with it. @bpashalidis

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