Escape Academy DLC2

Escape Academy’s New DLC Has A Whodunnit Spin

The team is doing something a little different this time around

Coin Crew Games is ready to release its latest DLC for the renowned party and co-op game Escape Academy, with the game’s second add-on called Escape from the Past.

The story continues with a new take on the escape room and puzzle mechanics of the main game and first DLC. This genre has resurfaced in recent years with the Knives Out and Glass Onion films. This is a classic whodunnit where you work to unmask who works to kill the Headmaster. After an “accident” at an Academy sport event, Sandra and Eel are tasked with investigating each of the suspected faculty members to deduce who the killer is and save the school.


The new content will include five new stages and puzzles to solve. From my experience, that is a decent amount of fun puzzle-solving in a $9.99 package. The new story is also included in the season pass for the game released last year for $14.99 USD.

I played Escape Academy earlier this year with a friend of mine. We wanted something casual and cooperative on Game Pass, which jumped out at us. We had an awesome time playing through the main story puzzles and stages. I highly recommend it!


Coin Crew Games says it will also be releasing Escape Academy: The Complete Edition onto Nintendo Switch this fall, which will include all of the game’s DLC, including this most recent Escape from the Past.

The DLC launch is just over a month away, slated for June 19 and will conclude all of the content coming in the game’s Season Pass.