Vampyr Ep 2

Episode III Of DONTNOD’s Vampyr Web Series Is Live

We’re on week 3 of 4 of DONTNOD’s Web Series based on BTS footage of their upcoming RPG game, Vampyr. Episode III is titled ‘Human After All’ and in it, DONTNOD show’s us the role that each district’s citizen’s play in the game both gameplay wise and narrative-wise.

In order for Jonathan Reid to grow stronger and evolve his powers players will need to gain XP. You would think the best way to do this is through quests and defeating enemies but this is not true. The best way to earn XP is to kill and feed on the citizens within the game’s four districts. This action is not as easy as it sounds as while feeding the player will hear the final thoughts of those they choose to sacrifice. This makes each citizen more than just a walking blood bag. Additionally, each citizen the player feeds on and kills effects the status of the district. Too many dead citizens will result in the district being evacuated and in turn taken over by Skal’s or worse.

The last episode of DONTNOD Presents Vampyr will release next Thursday, February 8th. The episodes can be viewed on YouTube and DONTNOD’s newly revamped website.