Epic Games Director Wants Fortnite On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite has taken the world by storm, and there are no signs of slowing down if the recent closure of the Epic’s other game, Paragon, is to be taken into account so the studio can focus on Fortnite.

Last week, Donald Mustard of Epic Games was asked if he would like to see an eventual port of their battle royale cash cow Fortnite would eventually find its way over to the Nintendo Switch, a console that has become a hotbed of new and exciting games as well as some of the best ports around.

Mustard is the worldwide creative director at the studio, so he hears quite a bit from fans all over the world. A fan asked if Epic would ever bring the game to the Switch, and his response was in short, “hopefully.”

I’d love to see Fortnite expand its reaches to the Switch, the console from Nintendo is only going to get bigger and as more studios flock to the system, the more people will be asking to see more titles available from them.