Enshrouded Lays Out Ambitious 2024 Roadmap

Keen Games is all in on its survival game

Over 2 million players have gotten their hands on Enshrouded during its current Early Access Steam release, and Keen Games is ready to show off what they have planned for their big ARPG survival title.

The developers say that most of the additions, tweaks, and changes are coming from their Feature Upvote platform, which has the community casting their votes on what they want to see in the game. At a glance, weather systems, water, and farming are near the top of the list, with over 10 thousand upvotes each.

These three are just some new features coming to Enshrouded in the future. Take a peak at the Early Access Roadmap below, and we’ll also break down some of the points.


Enshrouded Gets Bigger and More Complex

Starting a game like this can be a daunting task. But there’s also a promise of discovery and progression. Keen Games is expanding what this process can be with some key additions to an already well-rounded game in many ways.

Let’s start with some of the minor features that are coming this year. 2024 will see some new materials to build with, townsfolk to see and interact with, a vanity system, customizable signs, and even the ability to sit on your crafted furniture! Some of this might seem minor, but in a game that demands hours of your time and one that you can sink weeks and months into, the small things often go a long way in creating a more fleshed-out experience.

Bigger additions include new dungeons with instances to tackle, Steam Deck support, new biomes like mountains, sharing your bases, UI improvements like quest sorting, and water!

All of these moves will take time and, of course, lots of effort by the developers. They say the Enshrouded content does not have a linear time for release, but they will continue to release more granular details as major updates come along.

Keen Games Plans for Enshrouded to Hit 1.0 Next Year

Survival and ARPG games are often very deep experiences; there is much to learn and master to create a successful and influential character, team, and home base. Enshrouded is no different. Being an Early Access title, the community has asked for the highly sought-after features to create a long and involved process the development team says it is committed to.

Our thoughts and preview impressions are coming soon for Enshrouded, so keep your eyes and ears peeled here at Console Creatures.