Ender Magnolia

Ender Lillies Sequel Ender Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist Releases Later This Year

Unveiled during the February Nintendo Direct

If dark fantasy, deep lore, and action are your thing, look no further than an upcoming sequel that was teased two years agoEnder Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist.

The first in the series, Ender Lillieswas hailed for its dark themes and Metroidvania gameplay. It set the stage for a deeper story and world that looks to be explored even further in the franchise’s next game.

While the game is set in the same universe, some interesting new mechanics and approaches to gameplay seem to be setting itself apart from its predecessor.

Ender Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist will put you in the shoes of protagonist Lilac. She is known as an Attuner, someone who has the power to purify those infected by toxins released from the underground in the Land of Fumes.

On her quest to save the kingdom, Lilac can defeat enemies and exorcize the corruption, turning them on her side. This will help her travel to new areas, perform new traversals, and new battle moves. Ender Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist will feature up to 30 different abilities you can wield as Lilac, as well as upgrades to her health, armour, and attack strength.

Ender Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist will be released sometime this year on Nintendo Switch.