Embracer Group

Embracer Group To Separate Into Three Companies

Embracer Group plans to transform into three separate publicly listed entities.

In a press release, Embracer’s board of directors revealed that they are taking the necessary steps to split into three separate companies, including Asmodee Group, Coffee Stain & Friends and Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends.

  • Asmodee Group – A global leading tabletop games publisher and distributor with an extensive studio network and intellectual property catalog.
  • Coffee Stain & Friends – A diverse gaming entity with a dual focus on indie and A/AA premium and free-to-play games for PC, console, and mobile, with a high degree of recurring revenues.
  • Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends – A creative powerhouse in AAA game development and publishing for PC and console, as well as the stewards of The Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider intellectual properties, among many others.

The three companies will be publicly listed to allow each entity the room to focus on growing their core strategies and offer a diverse roster of titles.

“This move has been made with the intention to unleash the full potential of each team and provide them with their own leadership and strategic direction. This is the start of a new chapter, a chapter that I intend to remain part of as an active, committed, and supportive shareholder of all three new entities, with an evergreen horizon. This move towards three independent companies reinforces Embracer’s vision of backing entrepreneurs and creators with a long-term mindset, allowing them to continue to deliver unforgettable experiences for gamers and fans across the globe”, says Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer Group.

Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends will remain within Embracer Group as listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, with shares of Asmodee and Coffee Stain & Friends to be distributed as dividends to shareholders of Embracer Group.

Lars Wingefors will establish a new ownership structure, named Lars Wingefors AB, which includes Embracer Group’s current holdings. The new structure will ensure long-term ownership and support for all three companies. Mr. Wingefors has expressed his commitment to remain an active and supportive owner of all three companies.

Embracer has sold several studios, including Saber Interactive and Gearbox, and shuttered Volition Games and Free Radical Design, among others.