Eidos Deus Ex

Embracer Group Cancels In Development Deus Ex Title From Eidos

After two years of pre-production, Embracer Group has cancelled a new Deus Ex project at Eidos. The developer is also laying off “a number of employees” in an initiative to cut costs, says Jason Schreier. Eidos has since confirmed that 97 people are impacted by the situation across development, administration, and support.

Sources familiar with the situation say Eidos will instead focus on original franchises, shifting away from the Deus Ex project slated to enter production this year.

Embracer has become a sore spot for many in recent years after expanding exponentially during the pandemic. Unable to understand the industry, the Swedish-based company has gifted its studios layoffs, studio closures, and project cancellations.

Eidos was acquired in 2022 from Square Enix.