Embracer Group Dark Horse Comics

Embracer Group Acquires Dark Horse Comics

In a somewhat surprising move, Embracer Group has announced that they’ve entered an agreement to buy Dark Horse Media.

With this acquisition, Embracer says they are aiming to boost their transmedia approach across content development, comics publishing, and film & TV production.

I can’t express the excitement I feel as Dark Horse moves into this new chapter in our history. The synergies that exist with the Embracer network of companies promises exciting new opportunities not only for Dark Horse, but also for the creators and companies we work with. I’ve had a number of compelling conversations with Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors and I’m very impressed with him and what he and his team have built. I have to say, the future for our company has never looked brighter,” says Mike Richardson, founder and CEO of Dark Horse.

To this date, Dark Horse owns or has control of more than 300 properties, which some are likely to become new video games by one or more of Embracer’s many development studios.

“Dark Horse’s growing library includes over 300 compelling intellectual properties,” reads the press release. “With a structure and proven ability to produce IP, partner with top creative talent, and create brands and global hits, Dark Horse is in a strong position in a market where entertainment content is in high demand.”

The purchase price for Dark Horse hasn’t been disclosed but Embracer Group will own 80% of the company’s shares and the remaining 20% will be owned by founder and CEO, Mike Richardson and COO Neil Hankerson.

Dark Horse is one of five companies the Embracer Group purchased today. Perfect World Entertainment has worked on Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Digic Pictures has worked on several properties creating trailers and cinematic, most recently for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok. Shiver Entertainment helped with the development on Scribblenauts and Mortal Kombat 11. Spotfilm Networx offers advertised Video on Demand (AVOD) Channels in Germany.

Pending any regulatory approval, the acquisition should be completed in early 2022. Earlier this year, Embracer Group purchased Gearbox Software for $1.3 million US.