El Paso Elsewhere

El Paso Elsewhere Drops Epic Animated Trailer and Releases In September

Bullet time, Dracula, demons, and a hip-hop horror collaboration

Max Payne may have had a ton of drugged up mafia fellas to deal with, but in El Paso Elsewhere James Savage is trying to put a stop to a ritual by his vampire lord ex-girlfriend.

The wild action and rocking tunes will hit Xbox consoles and PC this September. To mark the occasion, Strange Scaffold’s studio head Xalavier Nelson Jr. (known for games such as SkateBIRD, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator) worked with musician RJ Lake to bring us this new track ‘Stay Awake’ and an intense animated trailer and music video.

The music video is just the beginning according to the dev team. El Paso, Elsewhere will feature a full original soundtrack by Nelson Jr. and Lake as they create what’s being described as “a collection of original horror hip-hop tracks that mesh heavy beats with piercing lyrics.”

“Haunted by his memories with the undead queen, the werewolves, mummies, and biblically accurate angels awaiting James are just one threat of many. Fight them off with a wealth of weapons, pills that keep the pain at bay, and badass bullet time that lets you pick and choose your shots or deftly dodge attacks while countering.”


There’s quite a bit that is definitely inspired by the now-classic third person shooter Max Payne. Lit with the flashes of your guns and old lamps and warehouse lighting, El Paso, Elsewhere looks like it’s bringing a whole lot of style along with its substance. As Savage you’re headed deeper and deeper into the depths of a hotel in El Paso, Texas where Draculae (the ex-girlfriend) is hell bent on releasing hordes of demons and monsters.

El Paso, Elsewhere launches September 26th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.