Eight PlayStation 2 Games Set For Today On PlayStation 4


Today will the appearance of eight PlayStation 2 games on Sony’s current console, PlayStation 4.

  • Dark Cloud ($14.99)
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 ($14.99)
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City ($14.99)
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ($14.99)
  • Rogue Galaxy ($14.99)
  • The Mark of Kri ($14.99)
  • Twisted Metal: Black ($9.99)
  • War of the Monsters ($9.99)

I understand why we’re getting the Grand Theft Auto title’s being released as they were some of the best of that generation. I’m happy to see Rogue Galaxy as it was an underappreciated RPG at the end of the lifecycle. Dark Cloud over Dark Cloud 2 makes no sense as the sequel is vastly superior in every way. The rest… eh. Not too interested in revisiting the rest.

Sadly the price is too high for my liking. If Sony wants to keep in competition with Microsoft’s recent announcement and release of backwards compatibility – well, the pricing needs to drop marginally.

Expect these games to be available sometime today.