Echo Generation: Midnight Edition

Echo Generation: Midnight Edition Reimagines An Instant Classic

Canada’s Cococucumber is remixing their Canadian Game Awards ‘Best Indie Game’-winner Echo Generation.

Out now for Nintendo Switch and Steam, Echo Generation: Midnight Edition brings a new look to the quaint Canadian suburb of Maple Town where things are normal.

Enjoy stunning visual upgrades, battle enemies with ease thanks to new combat updates, stay hot on the trail with a quest log, and save some steps with fast travel — among other quality-of-life improvements and upgrades as Dylan and his neighbourhood pals investigate paranormal activity that their parents can’t see or seem not to care about.

“Grab your Switch and embark on an epic adventure filled with action and supernatural,” says Martin Gauvreau, game director of Echo Generation. “Get ready to meet talking animals, venture into top-secret labs, and unravel a conspiracy in what feels like the most unforgettable–and nostalgic–summer since we were kids.”

Our review said, “Stunning enemies, characters and environments pair effectively with this retro-themed sci-fi romp. The writing is engaging and is sure to bring on a chuckle here and there. However, as item accessibility currently stands, Echo Generation is a game that can suddenly make you walk on eggshells without warning. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved in time so that players can take in this charming tale of aliens, creepy puppets, missing family, and amateur filmmaking.”

Echo Generation: Midnight Edition is now available for PC on Steam and Nintendo Switch.